Monday, September 21, 2009

33 wks

So as you can see my bellybutton is starting to poke out and I'm not lovin' that! I'm at 31 lbs weight gain, and not lovin' that either but it's for my sweet baby and I AM lovin' that!!! She is so active that it kind of scares me because she'll probably be that way after she comes out. I've started swelling the past few days so I put myself on a low sodium diet. It's REALLY hard to do a low sodium diet because it's in everything!!! I plan to work up until the due date so I really, really need this swelling to go away!!! I've scheduled in time to sit and put my feet up but I always seem to find something that needs to be done and don't really get to rest as much as I want. I guess the swelling is going to make me sit because it hurts to swell and continue to stand on your feet. It's been weird because I can notice a difference almost everyday with how big my belly is getting. She's really putting on the weight just like her mommy! We got her dresser in recently and I thought it was coming in put together and it wasn't. It didn't hurt my feelings but I did tell Nick he was going to be happy because he didn't have to put it together and well, now he does. LOL Oh well, just another occasion I get to take pictures of him slaving for his baby. Her bedding should be in soon and I'll post pictures of that. I also had a work shower this past weekend and got money and gift cards to buy her monitor with as well as some really cute clothes and vintage burp cloths. It was so much fun, we went to Log Cabin and ate and had cake...lots and lots of cake. Angela picked out the cake and it was white with a pink M and roses around it for Madalyn Rose! I thought that was so sweet! White cake with white icing is my fav!!! We were there for like 3 hours just laughing and eating, and eating, and eating! I am looking forward to the rest of the showers!!!

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  1. Your belly is so cute! I love it! I can't wait to see you next weekend. Hope you have a great week!